Thing 23: Making it all work together

Your task for thing 23:

  • Set up a Hootsuite account and add one or more of your social media accounts to your dashboard, or
    Try linking your Buffer account with one of your social media accounts and scheduling a post.Write a reflective blog post about your experience with social media management. Do you use any other social media management tools? Do you find it difficult to keep up with all your social media accounts?

Managing multiple social media accounts is definitely challenging. I had different passwords and usernames for various accounts, and trying to remember which went with which account, and the hassle of signing into each one meant some of them were used more than others.

I have created a Buffer and Hootsuite account, but Hootsuite seems more functional as it allows reading streams.  The stream function makes sifting through various feeds much much easier. For example, I have streamlined mine into home, my tweets and people I follow. See below: or on-line here for clearer view.


The only disappointing aspect is that it doesn’t allow adding Facebook groups to a stream. This was a biggie for me as I couldn’t access the Chartership or Rudai 23 FB pages. I still had to login to FB separately to view this content.

Overall, useful for large scale Twitter managment. Looking forward to using Hootsuite on Nov 19th for #chartership chat!


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